About Us
  • bookMyPacket is an integrator/aggregator of 3PL service providers. It strives to deliver efficient, economical & reliable last mile delivery services. bookMyPacket also offers specialized first mile services such as Reverse Pickup with doorstep QC, eKYC via Aadhaar OTP authentication, Document Collection & Verification.

    BookMyPacket operates in-house service network in major towns & cities. The intent to do so is to gain control, transparency & price advantage in first mile operation; shipment processing & line haul operation.

  • Bhopraj Sahu - (Founder & CEO)

    He has led the company to be among the top and trusted logistic service providers within e-Commerce circle. Proven track record of over 12 years in strategy, online marketplace, general management, marketing and sales. An avid learner with In-depth understanding of e-Commerce business and entire logistic ecosystem & supply chain management.

    Naveen Pilli - (COO)

    He brings decades of global experience in managing supply chain and logistics networks across diverse industries- Retail, Automotive, CPG etc. He has a rich blend of both industry and consulting experience and worked for global organizations like McDonalds’, General Motors, NCR, Microsoft, Focal Point Products. He is an alumnus of IITM (Indian Institute of Technology, Madras) and IIMC (Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta).

    Saurav Verma - (CMO)

    A seasoned e-Commerce professional with 10+ years of online marketing, operations and technology experience behind him. Combining that with a practical hands-on approach, his involvement has been leveraged and appreciated by many, specifically C-Level, e-Commerce VP, and Executive Teams

    Vikash Kumar - (Head - BD & CS)

    He has more than 14 years of experience in contact centre operations management, back office set up & management, project management, business innovation & transformation. He has been associated with BPO engagements for premier e-Commerce players. Vikash’s areas of expertise span across customer service, supplier relations, email service, website content management, product loading services and e-Commerce.

    Amol Zambare - (Tech Lead)

    A Tech enthusiast & professional experimenter with all sorts of new and cutting edge software paradigms. Firm believer in REST principles of software service and delivery. Likes to leverage open source tools like ecommerce platforms, analytics libraries and flexible cloud architecture to provide the maximum bang for the buck for new entrepreneurs and small enterprise.